Protein-Protein interaction data visualization tools

Knight JD, Liu G, Zhang JP, Pasculescu A, Choi H, Gingras AC. A web-tool for visualizing quantitative protein-protein interaction data. Proteomics. 2015, 15(8): 1432-1436. PMID: 25422071

NEW! We have created a new website, ProHits-viz, enabling dynamic data visualization of dot plots, heat maps and scatter plots. We also introduce several new tools on this website. As a result, this current site is no longer supported. To cite results obtained from this new website, please refer to "Knight et al., (2017). ProHits-viz: a suite of web tools for visualizing interaction proteomics data. Nature Methods."

Dotplot and heatmap generator
Generates dot plots and heatmaps for spectral count data using SAINTexpress results as input.

Fold change heatmap
Converts fold change data into a dot plot and heatmap. The user must supply two matrices containing fold change and confidence values.

Bait versus Bait plot
Scatter plot tool for comparing the prey counts of one bait versus another (mutant versus wild-type, treated versus untreated, etc). Input is a SAINTexpress file with data on the two baits. The first bait reported in the file will be used as the "wild-type".

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